May 19, 2022

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What is GO!?
How do I give?
Go! and Haiti
GO! videos
How do I learn more information?
What is GO!? 

Nearly five years ago, we began a journey in response to a God-given opportunity to relocate. In response to God's call to "Arise!" we did just that. As a church we chose to follow God's leading by demonstrating a level of unprecedented faith, knowing that He would provide what was needed to accomplish His vision.


We have made much progress, and all to God's glory. Now we stand ready to break ground and build the facility God has called us to build.


We have arisen.  We're on the starting line: it's time to GO! Go forward in faith. Go forward in hope. Go forward knowing that the facility God is calling us to build isn't the end itself, it's a vehicle for His ministry of 55 years at Westerly as we make disciples in Princeton and all around the world.


God did much through the last campaign in growing us in faith, in our witness to our community, and in prayer. I look forward to seeing what He is going to do through this next campaign as He calls us forward.


Thank you for your faithful commitment to God's work through Westerly Road Church.  I cherish serving as your pastor. May God continue to use Westerly Road Church as an instrument for His glory in Princeton and around the world!


Let us go with Him,
Pastor Matt

How do I give?
You can contact the Giving Team ( with any questions you may have about giving or making a commitment to Go! When you give, cash and check gifts are welcome and should be designated "Relocation."
Click here to find out more about the GO! campaign and how your funds are being used not only to build and bless in Princeton, but to build adn bless in Haiti as well.
Click on the Westerly Road Church channel on YouTube to watch videos about the campaign and the relocation effort. Or click on the link for specific videos: Q&A, Sanctuary walk through, Atrium walk through, Youth Center walk through, and the newest: Church Fly By.
How do I learn more information?
We'd be happy to send you more information.  Just contact our church office and let us know if you would like that information.  If you have any specific questions please contact Pastor John ( or, for personal questions about Go! commitments, the Giving Team (

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